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Welcome to the Southern Idaho Ministry Network, where Scripture is our foundation, the Holy Spirit empowers us, and relationships thrive. We strive to equip leaders, make disciples, and reach the lost. With a deep commitment to God's Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we empower our Network to make a lasting impact. Discover a wealth of resources, upcoming events, and opportunities to connect and grow on our website. Whether you're a pastor, church leader, or an individual seeking spiritual growth, the Southern Idaho Ministry Network is here to support you. 

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SIMN exists to partner with our churches and pastors, to provide opportunities for a variety of ministries among the local church. To be a support to all of our  Adults, Student, and children ministries. And to have a hand in many of the network wide events throughout the year. 


It is our mission to both pray for, and financially give to support our local missionaries, and missionaries around the world. The SIMN believes every church and pastor should be involved in helping to equip them for the mission field to further the Kingdom of God.


SIMN exists to partner with every pastor to  enhance their local ministry, build relationships, and provide leadership opportunities to grow as an individual and pastor.

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