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Why Credentials Matter

For those who have The Call of God on their lives for ministry, credentials are the link to an organization from which vital information is received, to which the minister provides support, and through which there is accountablility. Credentials are the "Stamp of Approval" by a recognized organization that authorizes the performance of all Ordinances and Ceremonies of  The Church in accordance with applicable Federal or State Laws.

Why Credentals Matter


Certificate of Ministry

Efficient helpers in gospel work, especially those who work under pastoral supervision and who devote a part of their time, and are actively engaged in some aspect of ministry.


Those who give clear evidence of a Divine call and who have had practical experience in preaching.


Those who are of mature experience and whose ministries are recognized and proven. Applicants must be at least 23 years of age and have been licensed for two years by the time they are ordained.

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