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Pastoral resources

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Why Credentals Matter


For those who have The Call of God on their lives for ministry, credentials are the link to an organization from which vital information is received, to which the minister provides support, and through which there is accountablility Credentials are the "Stamp of Approval" by a recognized organization that authorizes the performance of all Ordinances and Ceremonies of The Church in accordance with applicable Federal or State Laws.


The Southern Idaho Ministry Network has the vision to plant 10 churches in our Network in the next 10 years!  How can you join us in this mission of church planting?

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Pastoral Support

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Outreach Equipment Request 

 Whether you need audiovisual equipment, staging materials, or other resources, our network is here to lend a helping hand. Simply fill out the request form, and we will work diligently to accommodate your needs, providing you with the equipment to create impactful and memorable experiences within your church community.

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