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Fine Arts

Fine Arts Festival is a discipleship tool of the AG Youth Ministries designed to help students discover, develop, and deploy their ministry gifts and to learn about their God-given abilities and talents.

We, along with leaders and family members, encourage students to develop their gifts and then use them in their schools, churches, and communities. Fine Arts Festivals enable students to experience a time of learning through evaluations, workshops, and interaction with other students.


Beginning in September each year, over 65,000 junior and senior high school students begin preparing their entries for the district and National Fine Arts Festivals. These students are encouraged to develop their gifts to a greater level than the year before. Students may enter as many as 80+ categories offered in 7 main divisions: Art, Communication, Dance, Drama, Instrumental, Vocal, and Writing.


Fine Arts has the potential to be much more than “just a festival.” We desire to stand together with students as they open the doors to their futures.


Summer Camps are filled with laughter, fun, excitement, friends and worship, all in an environment that honors God and encourages spiritual growth. Our staff provides strong, caring, consistent Christian leadership in a heart-softening, safe atmosphere. We have been praying for each camper as they prepare for their time with us this summer. Lives are changed every year at our Summer Camps held at Trinity Pines Conference Center in Cascade, Idaho.

YTHCON is a conference for students, uniting together for a genuine encounter with God that propels us with a greater passion for the local church, community outreach, and global initiatives.  Students from around Southern Idaho come together for a 2-day event held the first weekend of October.  There is a pre-service party with games and food trucks, late night activty, plus live worship and impactful messages.

Every summer, students from Southern Idaho have an opportunity to experience a missions trip. On "odd" years, we join with the National Youth Ministries on a state side trip in conjunction with the National Youth Conference. On "even" years, we take students on an overseas AIM (Ambassadors In Missions) Trip! Past trips have included...El Salvador, Belize, & Philippines.


Apply online for Assemblies of God College/University Scholarships, deadline February 10 for following Fall semester. See links below to apply and for more information!

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In Called, you’ll learn about steps you can take to start your journey into the ministry, even while you’re still a student. Don’t wait—start answering His call right now!

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