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Our Mission

At the Southern Idaho Ministry Network, our mission is to inspire leaders by praying, resourcing, connecting and serving. 
The Mission of the Southern Idaho Ministry Network is to...
INSPIRE leaders to press forward and believe they can realize the dream God has placed in their hearts;
PRAYING for one another and encouraging each other;
RESOURCING our pastors and churches with the practical tools that they need to accomplish their vision;
CONNECTING our pastors and churches in healthy relationships and friendships that provide for support and encouragement;
SERVING and coming alongside to help in any way we can while modeling our Lord Jesus who came not to be served, but to serve.

Our Mission

Our Values

Foundation of Scripture · Empowering of the Holy Spirit · Healthy Relationships
Equipping Leaders · Making Disciples · Reaching the Lost

Network Staff

Network Staff

Joel Wendland

Network Superintendent

Ministry Coordinator

Debbie Eason

Exec. Administrative Assistant / Credentialing / Finances

Leif Nelson

Administrative Assistant

Marsha Crockett


Executive Leadership

Executive Officers

Joel Wendland

Network Superintendent

Monty Sears

Assistant Superintendent

Jeremy Vines


Wayne Crownover

Treasurer /

Executive Presbyter Region 1

Jim Pollard

Executive Presbyter Region 2

Network Presbyter

Cindy Moretti 

Network Presbyter

Doyle Fulkes

Honorary Executive Presbyter

Ministry Directors

Department Directors

Network Youth Director

Kevin Ashley

Men's Director

LeAnn Sullivan

Thrive Women's Ministries Director

Bruce Murphy

Royal Rangers Director

Chantel Jimenez

Girl's Ministries Director

Open Position

Chi Alpha Director

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