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Please complete the Upgrade Request Form to submit a request to the Network office to upgrade credential levels. 


  • Applicants upgrading from licensed to ordained must be licensed for a minimum of 2 years before being eligible to advance to ordination. 

  • Education: All applicants must meet the appropriate educational requirements for the level of credentials being sought. 

  • Marriage History: If your marital status has changed since your previous application, please notify our office before applying for an upgrade. While history with divorce and remarriage is not an automatic disqualifier from credentialing, it can be in certain cases. Please communicate with the Network’s office via the form below for clarification in these areas. 

  • Bankruptcy: If you have filed a bankruptcy since your previous applicaton, you will be required to complete the Bankruptcy Questionnaire. 

  • Residency: Applicant must reside in Southern Idaho at the time of their upgrade application. 

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