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At the Southern Idaho Ministry Network, we believe in the power of shared resources and collaboration. We understand that every Ministry is unique and requires specific support to thrive. That's why our resources page is designed to serve as a bridge, connecting you with the right tools and expertise to enhance your ministry's effectiveness.

Speaker Questionnaire

We are honored to have you as a Speaker for an Event here in the SIMN! We are excited to partner with you and make your visit a meaningful and impactful experience. To ensure that we can meet your needs and provide you with the best possible platform to share your message, we kindly request you to complete our Guest Speaker Questionnaire.

Speaker in front of a Crowd
Microphone Closeup

Outreach Equipment Request 

 Whether you need audiovisual equipment, staging materials, or other resources, our network is here to lend a helping hand. Simply fill out the request form, and we will work diligently to accommodate your needs, providing you with the equipment to create impactful and memorable experiences within your church community.

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